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– Disclaimer

This web site was constructed to archive and document information about BTI Computer Systems of Sunnyvale, California. I derive no revenue directly or indirectly from the material presented here.

One issue that concerns me is that matter of intellectual property: patents and copyrights. I have attempted to get approval for everything which I post on this site. These approvals are noted here.

In the cases where I am unable to determine who owns the rights to a document posted here, I have posted it anyway, with the explicit statement that if the rightful owners of the information do not want it online, I will remove it. If I've made an error, I hope they will forgive my presumption, as I do it only to honor their work.

This stance seems to be widely shared in the community of people who collect old computers (which is to be distinguished from the "warez" collectors that are simply looking to get current software without paying for it).