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Although there is a guest book for people to leave short messages, this space is intended to collect longer narratives that any former user or employee cares to share. Although I'm sure you remember what really happened perfectly, not everybody's memory is perfect, and it is guaranteed that whatever story is told here will have someone with a somewhat different recounting of events.

If you would like a page of your own to tell your story, just send me an email with your name, your relationship to BTI, and your story. Keep in mind that I have no desire to hurt anyone's feelings or to get sued, so I may request that you anonymize certain characters in your story if that person wouldn't want to read that story about themselves online.

Feel free to write one long, rambling story, a series of disjoint anecdotes, or anything in between. Just send me another email if you want to add, remove, or edit anything. Please included your relationship to BTI -- employee or customer, date of employment, function, etc. so people can better understand the context of your story.

Finally, the owner of this website does not necessarily agree with or endorse the stories and facts which might be related below. If you have any objections to what has been written there, please let me know so we an work it out.

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