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I started the computer department at my St. Louis, MO, employer in 1970 using a local time share service, acoustic modems and teletype machines. As we grew, our first in-house system purchase was the computer in the photo. I don't remember the exact year but about 1973 I would estimate. Neither do I remember which HP processor it employed; either a 21MX or 2100. I do recall that it had only 256 KB of core memory and two 2.5 MB cartridge disk drives.

image of BTI 3000 minicomputer

It was ultimately connected to 8 terminals; one of which ran at an amazing 120 CPS. It was quite capable given its limitations. We used it for a number of years before replacing it with a HP 3000, in 1980.

At one time I had the source code for their word processing program but that's long gone. It was written in their basic language but used a few functions that were unavailable to their retail customers.

I spent the next 40 years at the same company with a progression of various computer systems and networks, and retired in 2009.

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